Throwback To That One Time Louis CK Won His Girl Back

How To Lose Your Girl 101, by Louis CK. Feb. 15 marks the extravaganza 40th anniversary of America's most iconic show, Saturday Night Live, as well as the day after America's largest consumerism circus Valentine's Day.

So let's combine our love for both these things with this awesome Louis CK video.

The legendary comedian appeared on the show last year, imparting the worst winning-her-back advice ever. His awkward speech, the fear of Baby Jessica, and his pronunciation of "man" all worked to make this one of our favorite SNL videos ever.

Louis showed us that despite the facade he puts up and his insecurities and mispronunciations and obsession over calamari, he is, like all of us, looking for love.

 "I'm just a guy, looking for a girl, to ask her for $15,000." Ha!

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