Watch Louis C.K.'s SNL Monologue About Racism And Child Molesters

Do you think that Louis C.K. went a little too far there?

Louis C.K. has a reputation for touching on controversial issues to produce humor, but apparently the Saturday Night Live viewers weren't aware of it. So when he casually cracked a number of jokes on tabooed subjects during his monologue on SNL's season 40 finale, it drew a lot of mixed responses on social media.

In a little under eight minutes of airtime, C.K. talked about how he is mildly racist due to being raised in the 70s. His punchlines were funny, but they didn't sit well with a lot of people. The 47-year-old comedian then called Israel and Palestine 'selfish little bit*hes' before touching by far the most controversial of all subjects – child molesters.

Through his twisted logic, he implied that child molestation must be very good or why else would child molesters risk so much for it. Some took it as a joke, which it was, but for others that particular jest was in very bad taste. Those sitting in the audience expressed their disapproval with some groans but it was nothing compared to what followed on Twitter.

But that doesn't mean that everyone disliked C.K.'s opening as evident here:

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