Watch The Moment Madonna Falls Off Stage During Her Brit Awards Performance

Capes are NEVER a good idea: Madonna learns the hard way.

Pop star Madonna became the highlight of this year’s Brit Awards – sadly, not for her flawless performance, but for her unfortunate fall.

The 56-year-old was performing her latest single “Living for Love” and was in midst of dramatically taking off her cape when things went down, literally.

As it appears, the star’s back-up dancers were supposed to pull off her red-and-black cape but apparently the material was tied too tight because it refused to come off and sent Madonna plummeting down the stage in an awkward fashion.

However, being a true professional, she didn’t let her backward fall disrupt the show and completed the song with the lyrics “Lifted me up, and watched me stumble.”

As unfortunate as her fall was, it was perhaps the only interesting bit at the otherwise uneventful award show.

The singer later took it to Instagram to inform her fans that she was fine.


Maybe next time, she should let go of capes altogether, after all, haven’t we learned anything from The Incredibles

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