Madonna Kisses Drake And The World Reacts In The Worst Way

Madonna is no stranger to controversy but her Sunday night performance with Drake at Coachella had social media explode citing her supposed age hang-ups and youth-sucking demon power.

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Madonna’s unexpected forceful make-out session with the 26-year-old rapper made the world cringe because why? Our ageist society considers a woman over 50 asserting her sexuality (especially with a younger man) just not age appropriate, and therefore disgusting. As far as we’ve come on women’s rights, unfortunately, we are still stuck with the mentality that when a woman reaches a certain age her ability to be sexy is gone.

Drake commented on the interaction and said he was not grimacing because of her kiss, but because of Madonna’s lipstick. According to TMZ , the kiss was not planned but Drake still loved the lip action he received from the pop icon.

Yet critics of the notorious kiss used his displeased expression as fuel to their sexist fire and commented on Madonna’ s need to act her own age, labeled her as a grandmother (although she has no grandchildren) and as a vampire desperately trying to win back her youth and talent by sucking it out of younger artists.

Madonna noted our culture’s obsession with ageist standards of beauty and said in a February interview with Rolling Stone how “women, generally, when they reach a certain age, have accepted that they’re not allowed to behave a certain way.” But Madonna has never been one to conform to society’s intolerant expectations, saying “But I don't follow the rules. I never did, and I'm not going to start.”

Madonna made sure the Internet knew she had no regrets for her shameless lip lock sharing this Tweet  Monday morning:

Our culture signals age with losing our sexuality, especially for women. We have miraculous beauty products and strenuous workout routines all with the destined promise we will stay forever young. The inherent double standard here is that as young women we are sexualized to no end and expected to docilely accept being treated as an object, but once middle age hits our sexuality goes out the window. Madonna’s kiss brewed up the sexist assumption that an older woman’s beauty and sexuality has to have an expiration date. And even more her kiss stirred up the controversy that Madonna as an older woman kissing a younger man with such aggressive power is only socially acceptable when the sides are flipped.

As women we have to remember that beauty and empowerment does not have a limit with age, and as Madonna proves conventional society’s restrictions shouldn’t stop us from feeling sexy at any age.

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