Makeup Artist Shows How To Look Like Famous Celebrities And Characters

This makeup artist can take the form of almost any famous celebrity or character.

Kandee Johnson

Looks-conscious women often spend thousands of dollars on cosmetic surgeries to look like their idols. In most cases, their new looks are not only way off the mark and creepy, they are stuck with it for life.

A Los Angeles-based makeup artist named Kandee Johnson has just the solution for it.

Johnson has the ability to impersonate famous celebrities, all thanks to her incredible skills with the makeup brush. She not only uses her cosmetic powers for her own benefit, but also teaches her followers how to look like their favorite celebrities via YouTube tutorials.

Check out some of her best work down below:

Taylor Swift






Member' that time I tried to turn myself into @madonna ?!? This is my material girl #TBT

A photo posted by Kandee Johnson (@kandeejohnson) on


Megan Fox



Angelina Jolie



Johnny Depp



Betty Boop



Daenerys Targaryen



Queen Elsa



Lucille Ball



Kylie Jenner



To view more of Johnson's work, head on over to her official Instagram account.

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