Obsessed Madonna Fan Spends $100K On Surgery To Make Himself Into The Material Girl

This “Material Girl” will certainly raise your eyebrows.

male madonna plastic surgery

A diehard fan of Madonna is trying to replicate his idol’s iconic looks by spending thousands of dollars on plastic surgery trying to look like the diva.

Gone are the days when celebrities and plastic surgery caused controversy. Now it’s their fans who are raising eyebrows – quite literally it seems – as getting plastic surgery to look like a famous person seems to be quite a trend.

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Adam Guerra has had 18 surgeries to transform his appearance into Madonna's image. 

Adam Guerra

Until he was 15, Guerra was just a regular fan. But then Guerra performed as Madonna – after which light bulbs started flashing and he wondered what it would be like to actually look like her.

Now he’s 31 and has spent close to £75,000 in order to achieve his goal of being like his idol. He believes that “Madonna is the queen.”

That surgery price tag is bound to rise as he plans on getting butt implants too.

"The reason I do this is because I feel I'm good at what I do," Guerra explained. "I'm very confident as Adam, but I want to rule the world, like Madonna said.”

This is not the first time a male fan obsessed about a female celebrity. Another bizarre case has a man who is determined to look like Kim Kardashian.

Watch the male Madonna, who is planning an international tour, in the interview below. 

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