Man Dies While Watching 'The Conjuring 2,' The Body Goes Missing

Amna Shoaib
The death, and subsequent disappearance of the corpse, has sparked a fresh wave of anecdotes about the new horror movie.

The Conjuring 2

You may want to rethink your plans of going out to watch the highly anticipated horror flick "The Conjuring 2" — or maybe not, if you are the kind of person who watches horror movies to prove a point and then spends the rest of the day jumping up at the slightest sound.

The movie apparently is so terrifying that a 65-year-old old man in India died of a heart attack in cinema during a screening, according to The Telegraph.

Having gone to watch the movie at Sri Balasubramaniar Cinema in Tiruvannamalai, a town in the Indian state of Tamil Nadu, the man had complained of chest pains during the film's climax. He fainted shortly afterward and was pronounced dead later.

The doctors concurred that the man's cardiac arrest was induced by panic he felt watching the movie.

But the nightmare did not end there.

In a twisted turn of events, the dead body, which had been sent out for autopsy, went missing along with the person responsible for transporting it.

The Conjuring 2

Many theories have sprouted to explain the mysterious disappearance and all of them point to "The Conjuring 2," the movie that supposedly invokes spirits.

There has been a frenzied outpouring of videos and photos since the Tamil Nadu incident that only add fire to the film's appeal.

A social media user in Singapore claimed that after watching the movie, his wife stepped inside the washroom to this.

Another video making rounds on the internet purportedly shows a man who was possessed after watching the movie.

In reality, however, the video dates back to 2013.

Although the truthfulness of these incidents remains dubious, they have certainly created a hype for the movie that translates to big bucks at the box office despite the abysmally low ratings by critics.

After all, there is no such thing as bad publicity, right?

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