Margot Robbie Fact-Checks Her 'SNL' Monologue To Disastrous Results

No, she did not go to the ballet. She got wasted and threw up instead.

Margot Robbie has had an eventful year. She was part of three movies, one of which was the star-studded "Suicide Squad," featured in a "very weird" Vanity Fair profile, and made sure that every cosplayer this year will sport the same look.

And now, the Australian actress also made a smashing appearance in the "Saturday Night Live" season opener.

Poking fun at the fact-checking presidential debate, Robbie promised to fact-check her own monologue. She excitedly talked about how much she loved being on SNL, and working with the cast members.

Each of them then came onstage, and were fact-checked on each sentence they uttered.

Leslie Jones was not at all embarrassed after mistaking Robbie for Kate Upton, and another member revealed that she did not go to the ballet with Margot, but got wasted instead.

More than the monologue however, it was Robbie’s rather interesting dress that caught Twitter’s eye.




Later in the show, Robbie also played a stoic Ivanka Trump, and a librarian with bad teeth.

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