George Clooney The Master Prankster Got Matt Damon Too


Matt Damon has revealed that he is the latest Hollywood actor to have become a victim of George Clooney’s pranks. In his appearance on “The Tonight Show with Jay Leno,” the “Good Will Hunting” star lifted the lid on how Clooney messed with his head during the shooting of their upcoming movie “Monuments Men.”

What the gray-haired prankster did was that after he learned that Damon was trying to shed a few extra pounds, he secretly took in his pants a little bit after every couple of days. As a result, Damon’s pants kept on getting tighter, making him think that he might be putting on extra weight instead of losing like he had planned.

Damon had no idea what was going on and why his workout regimen wasn’t working, which is a bit ironic considering the fact that his nickname is ‘Red Alert.’ Anyway, the truth finally dawned on him via the media. 

“I read finally, which answered a lot for me, that he (Clooney) had been taking my pants in by about a sixteenth of an inch every couple of days,” Damon told Leno. “He had said, 'We're going to get in shape,' and I said, 'Yeah I'm going to get into shape,' so I was working out.”

This, of course, isn’t the first time Clooney has fooled one of his co-stars. Sandra Bullock and Ryan Gosling have both publicly admitted in the past how big and skilled a practical joker the 52-year-old is.

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