‘Mean tweets Musician Edition’: Celebs Read Terrible Tweets About Themselves On 'Jimmy Kimmel Live' (VIDEO)

Jimmy Kimmel introduced the latest edition of his popular ‘Mean Tweets’ segment on his show last night and it wouldn’t be wrong to say that there’s nothing funnier than watching poor celebs reading out horrible tweets about them.

The ‘Live’ show host introduced the segment as one that was "in honor of Kanye West's appearance."

Kimmel said, “Since tonight is a night in which we'll be focused on a Twitter battle,” he would ask some popular musicians to read terrible things people had written about them on Twitter.

A very special ‘musician edition’ of the popular segment was shown before 36-year-old rapper and Kimmel sorted out a brief feud on Twitter, in which Kanye compared the popular host to SpongeBob SquarePants.

It is interesting to see how harrowing these 140 characters can actually be for the celebrities. One cannot help but laugh when Selena Gomez reads out loud ‘|”I hate when people ask me why I hate Selena Gomez, I just do.’

Katy Perry, Zac Brown Band, Kid Rock, Demi Lavato and Ke$ha were among the famous artists that fell victim to mean tweets this time around.

Watch celebs read about how terrible their music and appearances are, in the video above.

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