Rapper Speaks For The Boat People In Her New Single

Amna Shoaib
M.I.A’s new single takes a jab at world leaders who seem to be oblivious to the plight of thousands of homeless refugees fleeing war with nowhere to go.

Generally, we react to terror just as the terrorists hope: with more fear. After the ghastly Paris attacks, countries around the world fearfully contemplated shutting off their borders to helplessly stranded refugees. 

As of now, lines drawn across maps and barbed fences cutting through Earth yield all the power to decide the fate of helpless refugees, who have left behind their homes in search of safety.

MIA Refugee

This dire scenario is why rapper M.I.A’s new single, "Borders," is important. The artist of Sri Lankan descent boards boats with refugees, wades into water and climbs fences. All the while, she questions our preoccupation with "othering."

“Borders/What’s up with that?” and “Broke people/What’s up with that/Boat people/What’s up with that?”

M.I.A, famous for convention-defying music videos as much as for her music, shows us the ridiculousness of our debates and our constructs, yet again.

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