Miley Cyrus Makes VMA News Again. It’s Not What You Think.

Miley Cyrus' VMA win for Video of the Year shocks everyone.

Whether she’s on stage or just a part of the crowd, leave it to Miley Cyrus to make sure she stays in the limelight. After her much talked about performance at last year’s VMAs, Cyrus had become a part of a fierce debate discussing her actions on stage.

Interestingly, at this year’s VMAs Miley kept calm. It was only when the Video Of The Year award was announced did the crowd focus on Cyrus. Now here’s the interesting part, instead of going herself to accept the award, she sent a nicely dressed young man in her stead. Through his "acceptance speech" he introduces himself as Jesse and soon we find out that he is homeless. 

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With a tearful Miley sitting on the stage, Jesse goes on with his speech talking about the 1.6 million runaways and homeless in the United States.

“I have been an extra in your movies, I have been an extra in your life,” he adds. With this speech, the otherwise less-eventful VMAs became the talk of the town. 

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Cyrus recently launched a campaign to help the homeless youth in coordination with a Los Angeles-based organization called My Friend's Place. Cyrus hopes to raise awareness and funds from her campaign, through which she hopes she can help people like Jesse live their dream.

Read more on homelessness in the United States here.

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