Miley Cyrus Performs 'Wrecking Ball' Next To A Giant Lip-Syncing Cat, People React Positively VIDEO


After her controversial 2013 MTV VMA Awards performance with dancing bears in August, Miley Cyrus belted out “Wrecking Ball,” the second single off her latest "Bangerz" album, next to a CGI cat at the American Music Awards on Sunday.

Clad in a two-piece “kitty” bikini, the 21-year-old singer put on an emotional act while a giant virtual cat lip-synced and cried to her song in the background.

Unlike her previous performance, this one is largely generating positive reviews mainly due to Cyrus’ powerhouse vocals and the fact she appeared on the verge of tears during the song.

Taylor Swift, who was voted the AMA Artist Of The Year for a third time, said she was touched by the performance.

I'm really out of breath. I was really going hard with the 'Wrecking Ball' thing."

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Here’s what people on Twitter are saying:

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