Millennials Can't Figure Out Who That Talented Singer With Kanye Is. (Answer: Paul McCartney)

The Beatles might have been bigger than Jesus, but they were no match for Yeezus, according to some clueless Twitter users.

Kanye West is a lot of things (just ask him, there's no one better at bragging), but attention Millennials: He is definitively not some savior giving an unknown musician a break of a lifetime.

Paul McCartney managed that all by himself, thank you very much.

When McCartney – just to clarify, the man behind 100 million album sales, a bunch of platinum albums, some of the world's most enduring songs plus, you know, the Beatles – played with Kanye this week, things took a mystifying turn on Twitter.

Many young 'Ye fans took just 140 characters to make the rest of us question humanity when they wondered who that unknown singer playing with West was.

There are no words.

Fortunately, some older Twitter users stepped up to school the young'uns and just plain poke fun at their cluelessness.

For the record, Sir McCartney and West teamed up for a new collaboration, "Only One."

If we could tell Millennials only one thing: Music existed before Kanye West came on the scene. 


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