Jimmy Fallon Becomes Mitt Romney’s Reflection For Hilarious Mirror Skit

Before his Tonight Show interview, Gov. Romney talks to his "reflection" in the mirror.

In a surprise announcement made earlier in January, former presidential candidate Mitt Romney told his supporters he won't mount a third run for president because it was "best to give other leaders in the party the opportunity" to become the nominee.

However, it was only on Wednesday night he revealed, for the first time, the actual reason behind his decision when he appeared on The Tonight Show.

Chatting with host Jimmy Fallon, the former Massachusetts governor finally explained why he chose to end his presidential aspirations. But before getting onstage, a nervous Romney sat across from the mirror to talk to his reflection – which was in fact Fallon pretending to be his guest for what turned out to be a hilarious skit.

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Both the men cracked jokes about President Barack Obama’s golf game and Hillary Clinton’s emails as Romney prepared himself for the impending Tonight Show interview.

“Well, actually I’m a little nervous," Romney admits to his faux reflection. "Jimmy is probably going to ask me why I didn’t run for president. What should I say?”

“Just tell him you enjoy the freedom. You get to sit back, relax, golf all the time, go on vacation whenever you want,” Fallon shoots back.

“Aka, be president?” quips Romney.

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Watch the complete sketch in the video above.

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