15 Times Benedict Brought Sexy Back And Made Us Swoon In 2014

Oh, Benedict Cumberbatch. We've solved the case: You did it again.

Benedict Cumberbatch needs no introduction. However, for the sake of manners, the British actor is the face of BBC’s Sherlock series, and more recently Alan Turing in The Imitation Game. He’s sort of known to play geniuses. But apart from talent and brains, he’s got the looks AND the charm, leading to a world filled with Cumberpeople.

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At the start of the year, Sherlock fans sighed at his return as our favorite detective, faking his death on screen to Martin Freeman, the Watson to his Sherlock. So it makes sense to go back in sense to take a look back at the times Benedict made our hearts melt (over and over again) like a true gentleman throughout the course of 2014.

1) That time he wore a feminist T-shirt for a photo shoot:

And reinforced that the word was indeed fit for Cumberpeople, rather than Cumberbitches.

2) His old school engagement announcement:
cumberbatch finace

His engagement to Sophie Hunter was announced in The Times by both of their parents. This was, of course, after he asked his would-be fiancé’s parents for her hand in marriage, proving that beautiful traditions still exist.

3) He’s marrying a high-powered woman with class:

And even though many fangirls' hearts broke a little bit as Benedict announced his plans to marry the gorgeous Oxford grad who both directs and acts in theater, the public reaction was nothing more than pleased that he had found love.

4) Speaking of putting rings on it, remember when he nailed the Beyoncé walk?
benedict beyonce crazy in love

And if possible, made us feel like we were even more Crazy in Love with him.

5) When he promoted #EBtonguetwister with Sienna Miller:

And had our tongues tied.

6) Or the Ice Bucket Challenge:

When he showed us how sexy he looks in the shower, on a motorbike and just generally all the time.

7) When he made us fantasize about Sherlock’s sex life and we were like:

Quite the mother-may-I frenzy he gave us. My, my, what a powerful art of deduction seduction this man has.

8) We had the same reaction when he kissed Reese Witherspoon:

9) And when he kissed Molly Harper:

It’s worth mentioning he did this as Sherlock, after he came back from the dead.

10) When he gave us a dose of Mr. Darcy:
benedict cumberbatch mr darcy

(Once again, this was for a good cause, the Give Up Clothes For Good campaign)

11) When he was brave enough to voice Penguins of Madagascar

Even though he has trouble saying it.

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12) When he photobombed U2 at the Oscars:

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13) When he brought sexy back with Michael Fassbender:
benedict cumberbatch Michael Fassbender

Talk about being the golden boys of the Golden Globe Awards.

14) When he was the most endearing Hollywood heartthrob:
cumberpeople fans

15) When he put on his Shakespeare voice and this happened:

Girls everywhere swooned. 

Benedict Cumberbatch Melts Hearts With His “Seven Ages Of Man” Shakespearian Tour de Force

And knowing his timeless charm, it's bound to happen again. We can't wait for 2015!

benedict cumberbatch charm

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