Most Awesome Walking Dead, Star Wars, X-Men Cosplay Costumes From WonderCon 2015

Here are some of the best costumes from some of our favorite shows.

WonderCon is an annual convention for comic book, science fiction, and motion picture lovers that takes place in Anaheim. Fans from all over visit in their DIY costumes that are way better than most Halloween costumes. Check out some of our favorite costumes from this year’s event


Alice in Wonderland

The gigantic flower is a nice touch.


Alice in Wonderland



Now all he needs is Sigourney Weaver. 


Captain America

I wonder how long this costume took to make. 

Captain America


Captain Planet

It's every 90s kid dream to meet him. Captain Planet


Easter-themed Wolverine

Loving the carrot blades. 



The Walking Dead - Rick Grimes and a Zombie

I'd love to see someone dressed up as Daryl, complete with crossbow and necklace of ears. The Walking Dead


X-Men - Jubilee and Rogue

And not the wheeny Rogue of the popular movie series. It's the kickass, southern belle, Rogue of the cartoon and comics we all grew up with. 

Jubilee and Rogue


Star Wars Inspired Snow White

Can she please have dwarf droids? 

Star Wars


Tinker Bell

We love how she interpreted Tinker Bell's costume. 

Tinker Bell


Storm Trooper

Star Wars fans do seem kinda cultish after all... 

Storm Trooper


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