10 Horrible Television Characters Everyone Absolutely Hates

From awful secondary characters who pop up occasionally to intolerable protagonists, here are some of the worst characters on television.

There are TV characters we love to hate – because there is always a twisted justification behind their horrendous actions – and then there are characters that we just hate.

Now, some characters are despicable by design, which means the hatred they garner from the fans of the show is actually a triumph on their part. However, there are many others who are meant to be fan-favorite, but turn out to be the most abhorred of them all – either because of a bad storyline or because the actor did a poor job playing the part.

Take a look at some of the TV characters that you may have wanted to conjure in real life just so you could slap them.

Joffrey Baratheon – Game of Thrones

The irritating boy-king from Game of Thrones tops all the lists when it comes to most hated fictional characters.

Probably the vilest character to ever exist, young Jofferey Baratheon was a psychopath who loved torturing and beheading people (mostly fan-favorite characters). To put it simply, he was a petulant, spoiled brat whose death wasn’t nearly as painful as fans of the show hoped it to be.

Marnie – Girls

Marnie from Girls is plain annoying.

As other characters on the hit HBO show have often said themselves, Marnie is extremely judgmental, unbearably uptight, has a holier than thou attitude and loves to insult everyone who cares about her. Not to mention, she’s terribly needy and has a habit of complaining about everything.

Also, she’s a bad friend.

Lori – The Walking Dead

Lori Grimes couldn’t have died any sooner on a show where main characters are killed off almost every week.

Wife of Sheriff Rick Grimes on AMC’s The Walking Dead, Lori somehow managed to skirt death every episode for the first few seasons, living to torture fans with her annoying story-line. Even after biting the dust, the showrunners kept brining her back to haunt the viewers.

Dana Brody – Homeland

Nicholas Brody’s sullen daughter Dana is the epitome of teenage angst on Homeland.

She grew even more insufferable when the showrunners started pairing her with a number of equally annoying boyfriends. Things got uglier when the writers removed Brody from the story, but for some inexplicable reason chose to keep Dana, who’s brooding presence rubbed nearly everyone the wrong way.

Larry – Orange Is The New Black

Larry Bloom is one of the most unpopular characters on Netflix’s Orange is the New Black.

Played by (arguably equally unpopular) Jason Biggs, Larry was one of the primary characters on the show and initially had a pretty good excuse for being such a jerk: His fiancée was sent to prison for smuggling drug money a decade ago. However, the character’s evolution as a lying, cheating and extremely selfish man turned him into one of the most hated characters ever written.

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Skyler White – Breaking Bad

Skyler White was an extremely complicated character.

Wife of drug lord Walter White in hit TV series Breaking Bad, her character was not only disliked by fans because she wouldn’t stand by Walt’s side or be a “good wife and be quiet,” but because she slowed down her husband’s character arc.

Laurel Lance – Arrow

Laurel Lance didn’t have much of a purpose on CW’s super-hero show Arrow for a very long time.

She bounced around various annoying love interests and went from being a gutsy attorney to an alcoholic damsel in distress. However, she now operates under the code name “Black Canary” and has managed to redeem herself… to some extent.

Nikki and Paulo – Lost

Nikki and Paulo were two terrible individuals who came together to become a mind-numbingly irritating couple on Lost.

The character’s unexpected introduction during the third season of the show, and their absurd back story, made them the most hated characters on the long-running series. Fortunately, writers soon took notice and killed off the pair later that season.

Pete Campbell – Mad Men

The most annoying thing about Pete Campbell from Mad Men is the fact that he occasionally had some redeeming moments that made fans wonder if he was really a bad guy – which he actually  was.

His arrogant attitude, petulance, misogynistic comments and self-entitlement was sickening, and even if he did have a few redeeming qualities, his haughtiness and smug expressions never let him off the list of the most annoying characters on TV.

Oliver – The O.C.

Oliver, a complete psychopath from The O.C., was so hated by the fans that series creators had to do interviews to defend the character.

During his brief story line, he lied, had a fake suicide attempt and held a girl hostage all because he was in love with her. Talk about romance!

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