Mother Of 5 Performs Her Heart Out On Britain's Got Talent

Becky O'brien, mother of 5, gave a heartwarming performance on Britain's Got Talent.

Becky O'brien decided to audition for Britain's Got Talent when her son said to her, "Why don't you show Simon Cowell how it's done?"

When Simon asked the mother of five why she had waited so long to do something like this, she explained that her children came first, especially once her twins arrived 2 and half months early. Ms. O'brien also went on to say she had underwent an abusive marriage. After divorcing her husband, her children encouraged her to pursue singing. 

Becky performed Over The Rainbow while all of her children cheered her on in the audience, before receiving a standing ovation from the judges. 

For a mother who survived an abusive marriage and prioritized her children above all else, this heartwarming audition serves as a reminder to thank the strong women in our lives who put us first.  

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