Artist's Creativity Brings Movie Characters to Real Life

May, 12, 2014: A French photographer's creativity has let fictional personalities make the transition to the real world.

Have you ever wondered what it would be like if movie characters existed in real life?

Walking down the streets, if you saw Bruce "The Batman" Wayne coming in the opposite direction, the first thing you'd probably do after regaining your composure is to snap a picture of him.

While the rest of us will just keep on wondering, a French photographer named Francois Dourlen has made several of his fantasies come true – or almost true. Having saved stills of scenes from famous movies on his iPhone, he headed out to fit them into the environment in such a way that it seems he is actually taking pictures of those characters right there and then.

Some of his best captures are posted down below. Check them out and be amazed at this talented photog's creativity:

That's T-800 from the Terminator franchise riding on a three-wheeler.


Edward Scissorhands just found the most practical use of his unique limbs.


O what we wouldn't give to have Pamela Anderson up and running on the beach again.


Let's preheat John McClane for five minutes before serving him with...


E.T. pictured while returning back to his home planet.


Who's that? Pinnochio or?


Poop is coming!


Simba in Rafiki's hands with Mufasa and Sarabi just behind them.


We've been telling you all along, Superman is for real.


Snow White's experience with apples in the original fairy tale didn't go so well, which is why reaching out for an Apple MacBook Air might not be a good idea.

To see more of Dourlen's photography, visit his website

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