MSNBC’s Tamron Hall Corners Scott Baio Over His Hillary ‘C***’ Tweet

Carol Nisar
On MSNBC, Tamron Hall interviewed Republican supporter Scott Baio in what proved to be an uncomfortable interview for the former "Happy Days" star.

On Tuesday on MSNBC, host Tamron Hall grilled former VH1 star Scott Baio, who spoke today at the Republican National Convention.

A proud supporter of Donald Trump, Baio had  tweeted a vulgar meme of Hillary Clinton ten days ago which directly implied that she is a “C***” since her head was covering the “O” in “COUNT,” which was written behind the image of her. The apparent misogynist tweeted, “This may be the best meme out there.”

In the interview, Hall jokingly asked Baio if he plagiarized his speech like Melania Trump did, to which he pleaded ignorance.

After repeatedly explaining how he had written his speech in church, Hall then asked him where his “moral compass” was when he tweeted the obscene Clinton meme. “Did you think about that [tweet] when you were in church?” she grilled.

He again played dumb, passing off the tweet as if he thought it was harmless to tweet such a blatant expletive against the Democratic candidate.

His response to Hall’s queries is priceless, as he explains that since he’s from Brooklyn, it’s normal to make fun of other men’s wives.

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Photo credit: Twitter, @xonecole & Reuters