MTV's Robin Williams Tribute Falls Flat On Its Face

Did MTV let its interns make the VMAs tribute to Robin Williams?

MTV Video Music Award is considered one of the most organized and meticulous award shows in the world, but its 2014 installment somewhat marred the event's hard-earned reputation.

The VMAs' 2014 tribute to the late comedian Robin Williams was inept to the extent that it was deemed offensive.

To begin with, the so-called homage was shown on the big screen in between performances and without any prior announcement whatsoever. But what disappointed the fans even more was the manner of its presentation. The 23-second-long clip contained six random images of Williams which it seemed were picked from a Google search than anything else.

The tribute to one of the greatest funnymen of this generation ended as abruptly as it had begun, and was followed by no explanation.

Equally inexplicable was the selection of Coldplay's "A Sky Full Of Stars" as background music, which made the tribute look more like the PowerPoint presentation that students haphazardly make to complete class assignments.

Take a look at it for yourself:

Funny thing is that it would have been completely fine had the VMAs made no mention of Williams' untimely demise because he wasn't a musician and the MTV event is dedicated to commercial music videos. Still, if they had decided to honor him on account of him being a major showbiz superstar, a far more thorough effort should have been put in.

By doing what it did, the VMAs exposed itself to criticism like this:

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