New 'Daily Show' Host’s Outrageous Tweets About Jews, Women Unearthed On The Internet

The Daily Show’s new face Trevor Noah is already controversial.

Trevor Noah

Comedy Central finally announced South African comedian Trevor Noah as Jon Stewart’s replacement for The Daily Show and much like The Late Late Show’s new face James Corden, American viewers have from little-to-no idea who Noah is.

Therefore, it was only natural that fans and media outlets dig into his social media profiles to learn more about the new host of one of America’s most celebrated satirical news shows.

After combing through Noah’s Twitter feed, a lot of tweets were unearthed which were far from funny or hilarious for a lot of followers. In fact, some of them appear to be rather anti-Semitic and sexist. Have a look:Trevor Noah bad tweets

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Trevor Noah on Twitter

Trevor Noah Twitter

trevor noah daily show

Trevor Noah to replace Jon Stewart on The Daily Show

Trevor Noah to Succeed Jon Stewart on 'The Daily Show'

Trevor Noah to Succeed Jon Stewart as 'Daily Show' Host

And here’s what people have to say about Noah’s tweets:

Although it’s too soon to assume that Trevor Noah is an anti-Semitic based on the tweets made by him three to four years ago, one thing is for certain: If his task to replace Jon Stewart wasn’t already difficult, it surely is now.

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