New Ghostbusters Cast Is All Women

Who you gonna call? The new Ghostbusters movie won't have Dan Akyroyd or Bill Murray, but a brand new all-female cast.


The movie, which is due to be released July 22, 2016, will feature the hysterical Melissa Mccarthy, Kristen Wiig, and Leslie Jones and Kate Mckinnon from SNL.

Although nothing is set in stone yet, Sony has been negotiating signing on the girls in the re-make of this classic, under new director Paul Fein. 

This won't be Mccarthy and Wiig's first time working with Fein, as the three worked together in the hilarious movie, Bridesmaids.

While the original re-make plan was to feature the original 'ghostbusters' under the same director Ivan Reitman, difficulties arose when cast member Harold Ramis passed away last year, and Reitman decided to pull out. 

The film will begin shooting this summer in NYC, where the girls will take on those ghouls and ghosts in what will sure to be another laugh-out-loud film.

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