Muggles, Rejoice! Dig Into New Harry Potter Tale Out Now

Catch up with Harry and Dumbledore's Army in a new story released by J.K. Rowling.

This is news even Mr. Filch can get excited about. J.K. Rowling handed her fans a huge gift with a new Harry Potter story on her site, Pottermore.

Told through the acid green tabloid quill of Rita Skeeter, we get to catch up with Harry and the gang at the Quidditch World Cup. 

We all know Skeeter isn't the most accurate of writers, but she manages to hit on most of Dumbledore's Army 17 years after Harry defeated Voldemort.

Harry, now 34, is at the Quidditch World Cup with his sons. We learn he's now graying a bit (can anyone blame him?) and is sticking with those round glasses.

Skeeter hits at most of DA with her trademark snark -- Neville's apparently a heavy drinker, Luna's twins might be too "disturbed" to bring out in public -- but she focuses her most pointed barb at Hermione. We learn Hermione had the expected meteoric rise at the Ministry of Magic while raising her two kids with Ron.

"Does Hermione Granger prove that a witch really can have it all? (No -- look at her hair.)" 

Ouch, Rita. But thanks for the trip back into Harry Potter's world, J.K. Rowling! 

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