These Men May Be Old, But Man Are They Hot

No fashion for old men? It's time to abolish that saying.

Who says older men can't keep up with fashion? They certainly can, and they are. A new account, @fashiongrandpas, has appeared on Instagram that focuses solely on the style of these gentlemen, who seem to have aged like a fine wine.

Instead of going the conventional way of chronicling young models' chiseled abs and bulging biceps, the photog behind this Instagram account has unique selection criteria for her subjects. You have to be a septuagenarian (or older) and look awesome to be snapped by her.

The idea's mastermind, Christina Belchere, is basically a Fashion PR official, who works in Manhattan. A while ago, she noticed the abundance of fashionable old men roaming the streets around her office building, and instantly decided to do a photo series on it. Some of her best captures can be viewed down below. Let us warn you, it will be tough for the ladies to resist these oldies.

Explaining her photographical obsession with old men, Christina Belchere told Business Insider: "My personal style is very androgynous as I have always preferred men's clothing over women’s. I take pictures of any man or woman (or building, or artwork) in this stylish city for my own fashion inspiration reference, and I started to notice there were a ton of grandpas starting to accumulate in my photostream. I wanted their outfits.

"The response has been incredible. I was just surprised to see that no one had come up with it first. The amount of fashion grandpas in New York is obscene once you are aware of the concept."


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