New Suicide Squad Movie Blocks CW's "Arrow" From Adding Harley Quinn

DC apparently does not want the CW show “Arrow” to include the villain Harley Quinn.

Suicide Squad Movie

The CW’s Arrow has just had its hopes squashed by DC as they nixed its idea to add Harley Quinn to the cast. While this may be a letdown for fans of the show, it is good news for DC fans, since the reason for the big N-O is that they are making a Suicide Squad movie.

Not much information has been released about the movie, other than the cast. The role of Harley Quinn has been given to Margot Robbie for the movie, and Ben Affleck will play Batman.

In the video below, Willa Holland, who plays Thea Queen in the show, discusses the disappointment felt by her and her coworkers, as well as female empowerment as a whole within the show.

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