Rap Music Will Not Forgive Peyton And Eli Manning For Inflicting This Lyrical Atrocity

The Manning brothers may be great at football, but even pigeons could rap better than them.

Peyton and Eli Manning are arguably the best-known pair of sports siblings in North American.

When one of them says something, everyone takes notice, and when BOTH of them make a rap song together, the entire football world goes crazy.

The brothers swapped their QB roles for some mic controlling in a new rap tune titled "Fantasy Football Fantasy."

Clad in Eminem-like outfits, Peyton and Eli take turns in spitting verses that glorify fantasy football. Yes, it is weird to make a song on such a topic, but it is actually for the benefit of DirecTV's Fantasy Zone channel. Consider it a commercial of some sort.

This is actually the Manning bros' second foray into music. Their first video, "Football On Your Phone," came out last year and was very well received on social media.

This one too has received more than 1.6 million views in less than a day of its release on YouTube. However, the quality has plummeted in this one, and we're actually being generous with that evaluation.

Auto tune, non-catchy chorus, bad clothing and awkward visuals – this rap collaboration has all the ingredients for a disaster.

It’s sufficed to say the Manning family should stick to playing football. Music is not really their forte.

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