This Is Nicholas Cage's Future Grave

Wonder what the purpose of this purchase was. Nicolas Cage just made another weird purchase

pyramid, nicolas cage

This time, it's his future grave located in a cemetery in New Orleans, shaped like a pyramid.

Maybe Nicolas Cage is actually his Civil War, vampire Doppelganger. After all, he has been known for doing some pretty strange things, on and off camera.

Nicolas Cage, Weird, Pyramid, Grave, New Orleans

The pyramid mausoleum is 9-feet tall, and stands out like a sore thumb compared to the other tombs in the cemetery. The only thing written on the grave right now is a Latin phrase, "Omni Ab Uno", which translates to, "Everything from one".

So what's really weird about this whole grave thing, despite it being a pyramid, is that it is located in St. Louis Cemetery No. 1, the same cemetery that a voodoo priestess, Marie Laveau, is buried. Well, that's a bit creepy.

Although Cage hasn't told anyone why he made such an eerie purchase, it isn't the first. Cage once bought a haunted house known as the LaLaurie Mansion, which was also was located in New Orleans.

It would be really interesting to know why Cage feels the need to get involved with these 'supernatural' things, but for now, we'll just have to see what he buys next.

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