Nicolas Cage Tells Jimmy Fallon He Knows Internet Is Obsessed With Him

The Hollywood star whose greatest career achievement is to inspire the You Don't Say meme online was one of the guests on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon on Friday.

Nicolas Cage may not be one of the greatest actors of his generation. In fact, to many he is not a great actor at all, but you have to admit that he does give a good interview.

The man, who has appeared in a zillion movies none of which are too good to remember, was on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon on Friday, where he talked about KISS, compared the dangers of surfing and skateboarding before admitting he doesn't know why he is loved so much on the internet.

He then showed a sculpture of himself that was made by Jim Carrey, with whom he USED to be a friend. He also revealed that he is gifting that miniature version to a person who has started an art show in San Francisco where only Nicolas Cage-related art stuff will be on display. Wow, now that's some idea.

Check out the 50-year-old's interaction with Fallon in the video posted above.

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