Nicole Kidman Dances The Criticism Away At Cannes

Nicole Kidman proves she can rise above criticism and dance her woes away while she’s at it.

Nicole Kidman’s latest movie ‘Grace of Monaco’ is being ripped apart by critics and Royal Families alike. Kidman, however, is not letting their vitriolic sentiments get the best of her at Cannes 2014. She looked stunning in a blue Armani gown adorned with Harvey Winston jewels. Exuding nothing but calm and confidence at the film festival, Kidman then delighted the crowd with some impromptu salsa.

Her film, on the other hand, has been slammed with negative reviews.

Earlier in May, the royal family of Monaco issued a statement that read, “The trailer appears to be a farce and confirms the totally fictional nature of this film.”

The Hollywood Reporter thought the movie was a “stale wedding cake of pomp and privilege” while The Playlist called it a “rarely competent, unintentionally hilarious and borderline reprehensible in both its politics and its take on gender roles.”

Kidman recognizes that it’s only natural that Kelly’s children want to safeguard their mother’s image. Kidman tried to explain “I mean, obviously, I feel sad, because I think the film has no malice toward the family, particularly toward Grace or [Prince] Rainie,” adding “I still have respect, and I want them to know the performance was done with love."

It's okay Nicole, keep dancing on.

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