8 Hollywood Stars Who Will Never Work Together Again

April, 29, 2014: There is no love lost between these Hollywood pairs.

Some Hollywood feuds have gone so bad the relationships are beyond repair. No amount of money will convince the actors involved to work with each other again. Well, that's not entirely true because we know entertainers these days would do anything if you make it rain green on them. For regular money though, these actors wouldn't sign on for a project if they see the other's name on it.

Bruce Willis and Kevin Smith

Bruce Willis and Kevin Smith clashed numerous times during the filming of their movie "Cop Out." Smith found Willis extremely difficult to work with and was himself accused of being unproductive due to his use of marijuana on the set. Verbal spats between the two followed too once the film had been released. Don't expect them to team up for another project anytime soon.


LL Cool J and Jamie Foxx

LL Cool J takes his movie characters way too seriously – so much that during the filming of Any Given Sunday, he put real force behind his punches in a fight scene with Jamie Foxx. So in-character he was that LL wouldn't even stop when the director ended the shot. As expected, Foxx didn't care much about how real LL wanted to make the scene. He called the cops and the rest his history.


America Ferrera and Lindsay Lohan

During her guest appearance on America Ferrara's "Ugly Betty," Lindsay Lohan smoked so much pot and was so wild that the two had falling out that hasn't been sorted out yet.


Alec Baldwin and Shia LaBeouf

Shia LaBeouf wasn't happy with the pace Alec Baldwin was working with when the two were a part of the Broadway play "Orphans." The two clashed, and their fight resulted in the Transformers star being fired. LaBeouf still holds a grudge for that.


George Clooney and David O. Russell

Pressure of making Three Kings – his first big budget movie – had apparently turned David O. Russell into a jerk. He often vented his fury on his crew, and George Clooney – the good guy that he is – would come to their rescue. On one such occasion, things got out of hand, and the two came to blows. They haven't combined since and probably never will.


Nick Nolte and Julia Roberts

Sometimes, the chemistry between actors is just off. That was the case between Nick Nolte and Julia Roberts on the set of their one and only movie I Love Trouble. They acted so terribly in each other's presence, their scenes had to be shot separately. Later on, an exchange of insults through media also took place. It's needless to say, these two will never be seen together in another movie.


Wesley Snipes and Ryan Reynolds

First, Wesley Snipes would smoke weed all day long and refused to come out of his trailer on the set of his movie Blade: Trinity.Then, when the movie came out and his scenes were cut out because of his lackadaisical attitude, he sued the studio for favoring his costars Ryan Reynolds and Jessica Biel. It was the last and only time the two worked together.


Kate Winslet and James Cameron

James Cameron is a great director, but a calm and composed personality he isn't. His fiery temper is no secret to anyone. After Titanic, Kate Winslet admitted publicly she wouldn't work with Cameron again unless her paycheck is far bigger than usual.

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