Finally, The Internet Wants To Ban Sexual Creep And Sometime Photographer Terry Richardson

The internet is out to right an apparent wrong in the form of celebrity photographer Terry Richardson.

The internet is out to right an apparent wrong in the form of celebrity photographer Terry Richardson.

Richardson is an A-Class celebrity fashion photographer and err, a renowned creep. His sexual misconduct on shoots has become legendary but little has been done about it till now. All you have to do is Google ‘Terry Richardson rape’ or ‘Terry Richardson sexual abuse’ or any similar phrase and the internet spews out hundreds of links.

Time and again models have come forward with cringe worthy tales of Richardson’s inappropriate behavior.

Known to take advantage of girls desperate to make it in the industry, Richardson’s reputation precedes him. Stories of him getting his models to perform sexual acts while he shoots them, as well as other lurid and equally horrifying tales have are common knowledge.

Any other person with so many allegations of sexual misconduct (many of them made publically) would have been hunted down, convicted and sent to jail. Or at least would have been labeled as a social pariah, so why is photographer Terry Richardson still out there? Why is there no decline to either his fame or demand? Why, is he part of Vogue and other big name fashion magazine? The answer is not one we like and one which is definitely difficult to swallow – connections. It is  because of Terry Richardson’s connections and the sad fact that, the fashion and modeling industry is a very small one. Throw in his photographer ‘credentials’ in there?  You end up with unlimited powers that make people like Richardson above reproach.

Not anymore, though. People want ‘No More Terry No More Abuse’; in short, #NoMoreTerry.

The best thing is that it’s not just a defaming campaign against the sexual deviant; it asks to ban all publications, celebrities and brands that hire him.

What’s more; there are a large number of people out there who are all for it:

It’s about time. Here’s hoping something positive comes out of it.

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