No One Is Laughing At This Version Of Jimmy Kimmel's Mean Tweets

Canadian Safe School Network creates a new take on the mean tweets segment.

One of Jimmy Kimmel’s most successful segments is celebrities reading mean tweets about themselves. An organization has taken this popular clip and turned it on its head to highlight the serious consequences of bullying on the internet.

Celebrities reading mean tweets is brilliant because it brings the vicious things trolls say and highlights the ridiculous nature of their comments. However, with 50% of kids being victim to cyberbullying, it’s important to recognize that many can’t escape from the cycle of bullying just by laughing it off. There are several surprising statistics about the rise in bullying online, such as the fact that 10% of young people have had a damaging picture taken without their consent.

The Canadian Safe School Network has set up an Indiegogo campaign raising awareness about this very issue, with the video at the center of its efforts. 

This effort is especially relevant considering the rise of suicides following cyber-bullying, such as when a 12-year-old girl from Florida was repeatedly bullied by two of her classmates. The bullying occurred both on and off-line and resulted in the young girl’s suicide.

If you are considering suicide, please get help.

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