These Are The Movies North Korea Likes To Watch

North Korea loves to watch movies, just not the ones made outside of North Korea.

North Korea Movies

A lot has been said and written about how North Korea might be involved in the massive Sony Pictures cyberattack. The controversy has eventually led to the cancellation of the comedy movie “The Interview” amid 9/11-like terror threats.

While the United States intelligence officials are convinced that Pyongyang is "centrally involved" in the hacking and more leaks are likely to emerge in the next few weeks, let’s just take a look at what kind of movies the North Korean government approves of.

You’d be surprised to know that hermit kingdom – despite all of its social and political problems – boasts a huge film industry which is actually quite successful. They have a big studio which has its own Chinatown and an English country village.

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Mostly South Koreans and Americans are portrayed as villains in their movies which, of course, the North Korean leader Kim Jong Un absolutely loves. The one posted below features an actor playing former president of the United States Bill Clinton:

But it’s not all bad, apparently.

Famous movie critic Simon Fowler wrote how there are some really good North Korean films available online that everyone must watch.


This one was produced in 1985 It’s about a giant-monster film similar to the Japanese Godzilla series.

Marathon Runner

Apparently, this movie was made in 2002 but it looks way – way – older than that. It’s based on the real life story of Jong Song-ok who won the gold medal at the 1999 World Athletics Championships.

Centre Forward

This is the country's first football film originally made in 1978.

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