Obama Doesn't Text His "Rapper Friends"

Sorry, Kanye, but the commander-in-chief doesn't have time to text.

Obama says he doesn't text; Jay Z says he does

Many rappers and celebrities have claimed that they and Mr. Obama are on a "texting level."

Some of these rappers, not surprisingly, include Kanye West and Jay-Z, whom on multiple occasions have rapped about, or talked about, being texting buddies with Barack.

Well, after all these claims – Kanye claiming that Obama "has his home number" and Jay-Z saying "of course" he and the president text – Obama has something to say about it.

In light of the recent Hillary Clinton e-mail controversy, Obama decided to come forward about his own personal conversations on Jimmy Kimmel's show. 

On the show, where he read mean tweets about himself in an hysterical segment, Mr. Obama called out these rappers.

Obama said things like, "I don't text. I email. I still have a BlackBerry." Apparently, Obama doesn't BBM Kanye or Jay-z, either.

Although Obama has met Jay-Z on several occasions, it seems like they don't exchange texts as much as Jay-Z has claimed in his music. 

In these cases, it always makes people wonder who is more famous – the president or a rapper? 

Seems like the president won this time.

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