These 2015 Predictions From Back To The Future Actually Came True

Marty McFly and Doc Brown went "Back to the Future," they headed for October 21, 2015. Just how many things from the movie actually happened?

Thirty years later, it’s actually October 21, 2015 – the date Back to the Future's Marty McFly and Doc Brown traveled to in the beloved sci-fi thriller from 1985. It’s interesting to see how much of the "future" predicted in the movie was accurate.

Quite frankly, some of the things were so off the mark that they bordered on being ridiculous. Where are our hoverboards?!

Still, there are things the movie got almost spot-on – or perhaps man and fate made a run with technology to meet the "deadline."

Whatever the case may be, let’s see what the makers of the now legendary Back to the Future got right.

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