Common And John Legend’s “Glory” Moves Everyone To Tears At The Oscars

A brilliant, moving and soul-wrenching performance indeed.

Glory Oscars

The Academy Award going to "Glory" came as no surprise after the song bagged the Golden Globe as well as the Critics Choice Movie Award.

The movie Selma has moved quite a few strings but even that cannot be compared to "Glory"'s soul-shattering ballad.

The stirring performance of the song by John Legend and Common at the Oscars nailed the day. It moved almost everyone present at the ceremony, including David Oyelowo, who portrays Martin Luther King Jr. in the film, bringing him to tears.

Here is the stunning performance:

The performers' speech wasn’t any less moving. Common talked about performing "Glory" with Legend at the foot of the Edmund Pettis Bridge in Alabama when members of the Selma cast and crew marched to the bridge, commemorating events depicted in the film and honoring Martin Luther King Jr. Day. 

"This bridge was once a landmark of a divided nation, but now is a symbol of change," Common said.

"'Selma' is now because the struggle for justice is right now," Legend said

Here is their speech:

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