Watch Two Pakistani Village Girls Sing Justin Bieber's "Baby"

Bieber fans from a Pakistani village can sing “Baby” better than Bieber himself.

Beliebers will love this.

A video went viral in Pakistan earlier this week showing two girls from a village covering Justin Bieber’s hit song "Baby." 

The two sisters, Saania and Muqaddisa, have been into singing since the age of 4.

Considering the fact that English is not their mother tongue, they performed it pretty well. 

Saania, 13, said, “We’re very happy that everyone is asking us about this. We're making people happy, and also very astonished. We've been singing since we were little."  

The teenage sisters were schooled only until fifth grade. However, they gathered all the bits and pieces of the lyrics of the song they could understand and jotted them down. 

Saania said she would like to pursue her dream of becoming a great singer and would also love to meet Justin Bieber someday.


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