Paris Hilton Was Reportedly In On That Terrifying Plane Prank

According to TMZ documents, Paris Hilton knew about the plane prank well in advance and was paid a hefty sum to star in it.

How can we believe anything Paris Hilton says now? 

A few days ago, people from all over the web were pouring in sympathy after seeing Hilton scream and cry in a prank video where the crew of a television show convinced her their plane was about to crash.

TMZ says they have received documents from the Egyptian television show that pranked Paris Hilton, which show the heiress was in on it from the start.

According to their documents, she knew well in advance what would happen, she was paid six figures for her part and, somewhat insultingly, she was not their first choice of actress for the hoax. 

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Their documents also revealed the project was also done with the sanction of the Dubai government. "Dubai official authorities are monitoring this show and providing us with security. If you want to make sure, you can contact the office of crown prince of Dubai, his majesty Hamdan bin Rashid Al Maktoum. He himself will be supervising the progress of the project."

If these claims are correct and Miss Hilton did indeed play along with the prank, she's a much better actress than most would have thought. Maybe she can get a TV guest spot out of all this? 

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Banner photo credit: Reuters

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