Paul Heyman Says Brock Lesnar Will Unify WWE, UFC Titles. Is He Serious?

Brock may not be able to pull this off, but watching Paul Heyman sell the idea is so, so entertaining.

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Paul Heyman is probably the best promoter/hype man in the history of entertainment, not just professional wrestling. On the Monday night show of WWE Raw, he stepped into the ring with his longtime client Brock Lesnar and tore into a massive tirade featuring WWE's scriptwriters, the UFC and even Manny Pacquiao and Floyd Mayweather Jr.

He warned the promotion's masterminds to not even think that his client would honor their wishes and lose to a wrestler of their choice like Roman Reigns. Then, he revealed how Lesnar would like to unify the UFC and WWE titles this summer.

Now, wait a minute there. We know a wrestling promoter's remarks about his own product shouldn't be taken seriously, but could a UFC return be on the horizon for Lesnar? If he does, can he seriously reclaim the UFC heavyweight title? The last two times he stepped into the octagon, it was pretty ugly for him. He was TKO'ed both the times – even though Alistair Overeem later tested positive for elevated levels of testosterone. But even in his win over Shane Carwin, he was in trouble and would've lost had it not been for his opponent's poor conditioning.

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With Cain Velasquez injured and there not being much competition, the UFC's heavyweight division isn't as loaded as it was before. Still, it's ludicrous to think that a 37-year-old Lesnar – who hasn't been the same since his bout with diverticulitis in 2009 – can be a competitive MMA fighter, let alone a champion.

So, as much as fans would want to believe Heyman, it's highly unlikely that a noticeable weaker Lesnar could reenter the UFC and outfight the likes of Velasquez, Fabricio Werdum or Junior dos Santos. Of course, a novelty fight a la Ken Shamrock versus Kimbo Slice can never be out of the question considering Lesnar has a tendency of following his heart, but winning the UFC heavyweight title? That's just wishful thinking.

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