Pearl Jam's Vedder Calls For Peace, Israelis Outraged

Pearl Jam lead singer Eddie Vedder paused his concert midway to criticize Israel and launch an anti-war plea. He actually dropped to his knees onstage while begging for an end to violence.

In the video above, around the 4:10 mark, Eddie Vedder halts the Pearl Jam concert midway during his band’s performance of the hit song “Daughter,” to address the tens of thousands of fans in attendance.

Vedder begins, “What the f---? What the f---? We can have this many people having a peaceful time. We can have modern technology. We can reach our friends. We know what they’re thinking before they’re thinking it. The advertisers know what we’re thinking before we’re thinking it. We have technology – all this in our hands.”

“At the same time that something this positive is happening, not even that far away, people are f---ing dropping bombs on each other.”

He denounced “those who go across borders and take over land that doesn’t belong to them.”

Interestingly, he never mentioned the name Israel but he is receiving flak for his statements against the country.

“Pearl Jam's Eddie Vedder launches anti-Israel diatribe during concert,” said the Jerusalem Post. 

Of course he has been bombarded (no pun intended) from Israeli fans of Pearl Jam who launched a social media campaign against him.

Vedder is not alone: Former Pink Floyd Frontman Roger Waters Was Similarly Accused Of Anti-Semitism For Comparing Israelis To Nazis

Israeli disc jockey Ben Red, for Israel Radio’s music station 88FM and one of the campaign’s organizers, denounced Vedder on his Facebook page.

“Eddie Vedder, your true face is finally being revealed,” Red wrote. “You are invited not to come here. I personally do not want to see you, and I will erase the Facebook page calling on bringing [Pearl Jam] to Israel, but not before I expose who you really are.”

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