Watch Peter Dinklage's Impish ‘Game Of Thrones’ Musical Performance

The performance is yet another reminder of Tyrion Lannister’s awesomeness.

From crushed skulls to wedding day bloodbaths, HBO’s cult-classic Game of Thrones is notorious for killing off its major characters in the most brutal and gruesome of ways.

However, despite all the treachery and backstabbing, there are few characters who have spectacularly managed to stay alive – including the fan favorite Tyrion Lannister, who has worked his way out through some of the most troublesome of situations.

Recently, the man behind the awesome character, Peter Dinklage, took the stage to sing about all the people he had outlived on the fantasy series. Equipped with a cool microphone and background singers, Dinklage croons about the poor Starks and everyone else who didn’t make it this far, in the video posted above.

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The song is actually part of a Game of Thrones Musical the rock band Coldplay put together for the upcoming televised charity event Red Nose Day.

Reportedly, other cast members of the hit show will also join in.

Red Nose Day premieres May 21.

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