Pizza Delivery Gives Iggy Azalea's Number Away And She's Furious, But Internet Has No Sympathy

A Papa John's pizza delivery guy gives away Iggy Azalea's number away. She shows her fury on Twitter.

Iggy Azalea v Papa John

Iggy Azalea just isn't having a great week.

First she got snubbed at the Grammys. Now? She's getting loads of unwanted calls and tweets because some pizza delivery guy decided to give away her number. 

Papa Johns tried to apologize with an ounce of humor, but apparently Iggy wasn't having it.  

I can understand her frustration. It would be frustrating for anyone to have their number given away with strangers contacting you. It does seem like a situation like this could have been avoided by simply using a Google number, but maybe that's victim blaming?

The Internet on the other hand has no trouble at all placing the blame fully on Azalea. Twitter hasn't been showing any sympathy. 


Who knows, maybe she's still just angry after her Grammys loss. 


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