Pornhub's Rejected Super Bowl Ad

Here is an ad from Pornhub that you won't be seeing on the Super Bowl, but you can watch it here.

Pornhub, which is exactly what it sounds like, submitted this 20-second ad to CBS for the Super Bowl, and were promptly rejected. The ad is entirely safe for work (Pornhub is entirely not), and there is exactly one offensive thing in this ad: the word "Pornhub."

CBS' rejection is the obvious choice. There are only so many seconds to show ads during the Super Bowl, and CBS will surely have plenty to choose from that doesn't raise the ire of their viewing audience. Still, the Pornhub ad is kind of brilliant. Poetic even. I feel bad for the elderly wife, whose husband has grown subtly distant, but also sad for the husband, who sits with her on that park bench, thinking of his one, perhaps obsessive refuge.

The ad is, I can tell you from my 5-second visit, everything that Pornhub is not.

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