Prince Leaves His Fans High And Dry On Facebook

'Why you wanna treat us so bad/ When you know we love you?/ How can you do this to me/ When you know I care?'


Some artists are not only eccentric but also incredibly self-centered. Sure, they are more talented – and richer – than an average human being, but does it give them the right to be jerks about it?

Take a look at R&B legend Prince, for example. He has always been highly secretive about his personal life and rarely gives interviews to the media. So when he suddenly joined Facebook, fans flocked to like his page. Within a few hours his page amassed more than 1.7 million likes. As a way of saying thank you, Prince's team announced that the "Purple Rain" hit-maker would soon answer their questions personally on Facebook in an unprecedented Q&A session.

Since he barely ever speaks to the media – let alone fans – thousands of questions poured in ahead of what was supposed to be a three-hour session. The hours went by, but Prince didn't show up to fulfill his digital promise. And when he finally did, he answered one single question with a video link and ignored all the rest – in typical Prince style.

Post by Prince.

In an age where the gap between celebrities and the general population is nonexistent, Prince's treatment of his fans is appalling. No matter how great an artist is, none should consider himself superior to fans – at least not as blatantly as this.

This feeling of superiority is actually nothing new in celebrity culture. In fact, it used to be their default mode until sites like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram came along and reduced the gap between stars and their fans. A few, however, are still clinging on to the old school approach of keeping fans at a distance and being extremely high-maintenance in public.

Ariana Grande

Emerging pop star Ariana Grande epitomizes this trend. The 21-year-old frequently annoys everyone with her diva-like behavior and outrageous backstage demands. On a recent visit to a hotel, she made her security team clear out the lobby. She then took over the hotel's general bathroom and barred people from entering it. Her bodyguards enforced her demands.

Mariah Carey

Mariah Carey is another cringe-worthy celebrity because of her attitude. Rumor has it that she demands $200 a piece Cristal bottles, 24 white roses, dark colored conches, kittens and doves as part of the things she want in her dressing rooms.

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