Psy Admits Getting Tired of Gangnam Style (VIDEOS)

World famous pop music sensation Psy confesses that he sometimes gets tired of his viral hit "Gangnam Style!"

World famous pop music sensation Psyconfesses that he sometimes gets tired of his viral hit "Gangnam Style!"

The 34-year-old singer, ahead of his Singapore's free performance for fans, admitted during a press conference that he does occasionally get tired of his enormous hit.

"Sometimes honestly, yes I get tired or I get sick of it because I get so many requests to teach them, you know, like average let me say 50 requests per city, per country. I already taught the dance to so many people, so many times but still the dance makes me here , to make a press conference in Singapore, so of course sometimes I'm tired about it, but I got to do it, it's my job."

Gangnam Style

Later, the South Korean pop sensation danced his signature moves in front of earsplitting fans outside a Singapore landmark, the Marina Bay Sands a high-rise casino complex.

Despite of the fact the Psy has performed the dance countless  times by now, he added, "I really like the dance still."

The video up till now has harnessed approximately around 860 million views and has become the most watched video on YouTube,overtaking "Baby" by Justin Bieber, on more than 807 million views.

"Gangnam Style" has inspired thousands of online imitations, and flash mobs of tens of thousands in almost  every major city of the world.

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