Racist, Inappropriate, Disgusting. Artie Lange Tweets About ESPN's Cari Champion

ESPN First Take host Cari Champion gets lots of attention on Twitter. But this was a new level of awful.


It's generally agreed upon that Artie Lange is gross and inappropriate. But he's a comedian! He gets a pass on offensive tweets, right? 

No, no, no. Just no.

Lange went above and beyond to offend this time.  In a flurry of tweets Tuesday, he described sexual scenarios he would enjoy with ESPN First Take host Cari Champion. Then he started dropping references to slavery. Lots of references. 

Some tweeters came out to defend Lange, others used the hashtag #iSupportCari that was trending on Wednesday. 

SportsCenter anchor Kevin Negandhi tweeted: "She's the epitome of class, one of the sharpest people I know. Cari Champion is above the ignorance. Nothing funny about those tweets."

We're not posting the sexist, disgusting and racist tweets here. You can read those directly on Twitter via @artiequitter.   (Warning: they are horrible!)

However, you can check out his his lame backpedaling and Twitter reactions below. 

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