Radio 1 BBC DJ Chris Stark Strikes Again With Awkward Jennifer Aniston Interview (Video)


Chris Stark is back- This time with none other than Jennifer Aniston. Aniston was on his show on Radio 1 to talk about her latest film ‘We're The Millers.’

As expected of course, the interview ended up having very little to do with the film with Stark nervously spouting out seemingly random topics!

 "They put loads of makeup on me because they said I didn't look showbiz enough to interview you," admitted Stark to a somewhat bewildered Aniston. "I kind of feel like a pig in a wig."

Aniston assured him that he doesn't look like "a pig or a wig, or a pig in a wig."

Stark then informed Aniston that an anagram of her name is "Finer not in jeans," which certainly ended up being a "premonition" for her role as a woman who's indeed usually not wearing jeans (or anything else).

He later asks her if she has a Top 5 list of "normal people" like people have Top 5 lists of hot people!

In the end it was Stark who was floored by Jennifer Aniston when she compared him with Ryan Gosling saying he had "a little Ryan Gosling vibe ... it's like an innocent, very cute, yet ... there's a lot more going on."

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