Rapper Severs Manhood; Inspires #AndreJohnsonless Twitter Trend

The teeny tiny upside to losing his penis is that he has inspired a Twitter trend.

No one, or very few, knew the name Andre Johnson aka Christ Bearer until yesterday.

But come today, anyone who frequents celebrity blogs will be aware of this man's name. Unfortunately, his claim to fame isn't the fact that he was once associated with a member of the legendary rap group We Tang Klan. He is actually the rapper who severed his manhood on Wednesday morning for no apparent reason and then jumped off the second floor balcony of his apartment in North Hollywood to end his life.

The jump didn't kill him, which we're not sure is a good thing or a bad for him, considering his LOSS. But in addition to the huge gash down there, the man is now carrying many more from his leap and is being treated at the Cedars-Sinai medical centre.

The bizarre nature of the incident means it had to be talked about on Twitter, and it did. Twits couldn't help but see the funny side of it, like this:

What it means for his next album coming later this month, we don't know. But could it be a way of generating some buzz before the release? Highly unlikely, but then when someone does such a thing without being drugged out of his mind, you have to resort to speculation.

By the way you can check out Christ Bearer's latest music video down below. The song titled Oooh! was released just two days before he played snip snip with his man junk.

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